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Richland High School
930 Long Ave
Richland, WA 99352-0000
Phone Number: 509-942-2500

School District: Richland School District

Legend: Pin Color
  Green Yellow Orange Red
Fraser Institute
Rating (out of 10)
10.0-7.6 7.5-6.0 5.9-4.1 4.0-0.0

Report Card for Richland High School
2008-09 Rank223/346
Rank in the most recent 5 years102/299
Fraser Institute Ranking
School Information
Low Income (%)22.7
Ethnicity (%)Wh: 83.4 Hi: 7.6
Tests not written not exempt (%)20.0
Academic Performance20052006200720082009Trend
Avg level: Reading3. down
Avg level: Writing3.
Avg level: Math2.
Avg level: Science2.
Tests below standard (%)31.631.727.833.054.4Trend down
Low income gap: Readingn/an/an/aN 0.2N 0.4n/a
Low income gap: Mathn/an/an/aN 0.5N 0.3n/a
Overall rating out of down

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