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Big Lake Elementary School
16802 Lake View Blvd
Mount Vernon, WA 98274-8180
Phone Number: 360-855-3525

School District: Sedro-Woolley School District

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Fraser Institute
Rating (out of 10)
10-7.5 7.4-5.0 4.9-2.5 2.4-0

Report Card for Big Lake Elementary School
2008-09 Rank398/1124
Rank in the most recent 5 years345/1048
Fraser Institute Ranking
School Information
Low Income (%)28.9
Ethnicity (%)Wh: 86.5 Hi: 10.8
Tests not written not exempt (%)0.5
Academic Performance20052006200720082009Trend
Avg level: Reading2.
Avg level: Writing2.
Avg level: Math2.
Avg level: Science2.
Tests below standard (%)33.328.628.624.930.4
Low income gap: Readingn/an/an/aN 0.9n/an/a
Low income gap: Mathn/an/an/aN 0.8n/an/a
Overall rating out of

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